What Can A Good Accountant Do For Your Business?

Auditing is something many companies are required to do. But more than anything enforced, the auditor can also be a helpful supporter for you and your company.

Private auditing originated in the industrial revolution. In the 19th century, many industrial companies became so large and extensive that the owners no longer had full control of the business on their own. To make sure that the leaders of the company reported correctly, the owners hired people to revise the numbers.

Over time, the need for reliable information has increased. The auditor must ensure that all stakeholders around the company are confident that the company is operating as it says; that the numbers are correct, that laws are being followed, and that important routines are in place.

Today, the auditor can both contribute with a quality stamp for the company and be a central advisor to the company .


A skilled accountant has considerable expertise in areas such as corporate governance, corporate structure, accounting, VAT and tax law and ownership rules. At PKF Beckman Lundevall, we can advise your business in areas such as:

Tax and excise cases

Buying, selling and merging companies

Establishment of subsidiaries


Larger investments

capital changes


Through our studies and practice, our accountants have formal expertise in all these areas.

Our participation and membership in PKF International means that we can also advise in areas beyond the country’s borders. We also have employees who speak a variety of languages.

Create trust

Confidence is essential for us as auditors. Although the auditor is elected by the owners, we shall be an independent and objective party.

Our job is to make sure that the market feels that they can trust your business, and that potential stakeholders can rest assured that what is being presented about the business is right.

Stakeholders who need this confidence can, e.g. be shareholders, authorities, business associates, employees and lenders.


In PKF Beckman Lundevall, closeness is incredibly important. For us, it is important to know your company well from the inside, so that we can provide customized advice that creates the most value for you and your company.

All our clients have a dedicated team, so you as a customer can always contact someone who knows about the company and their relationship.

Affiliate for the owners

There is a difference in how much each auditor can help you with. But in any case, your company can make better use of the auditor by being aware of the auditor’s role and acting accordingly.

A good dialogue between you and the accountant is fundamental to a valuable collaboration, which equips you to exploit profitable opportunities and avoid any pitfalls.