5 Things The Finance Manager Can Do Remotely

A good homemade watermelon ice cream, an exciting book, a dip in the sea and absolutely nothing more, right?

The optimum is to be able to take it easy throughout the holiday. But it is not always possible to travel away for a longer time as a financial or business manager. If you can still travel away, it may require some control over what happens. Thankfully, most things today can be done even in the shade of a swaying parasol or on the terrace at the holiday cottage.

5 good things to do wherever you are

  • Certify and pay out wages with a click – who wants to be in the office July 25?
  • Certifying and paying supplier invoices – if you are on duty , it is just as good in a boat if all invoices are handled digitally in the system
  • Acknowledge and send customer invoices – the revenue will come even if you are in the cottage when they leave, all supporting documents are in the system
  • Keep track of the results – ready-made reports that are updated in real time are true even if you are at the pool
  • Balance the economy with business financing – the holiday weeks can be tough, solve it directly in the same system as everything else and pay only for what you use.