10 Reasons Consulting Companies Should Use Automated Accounting

For consulting companies that want to increase profitability, there are strong reasons to use digital and automated accounting. The profits of the consulting companies are highly dependent on efficient operations. Here we list ten reasons for improved profitability with the help of a digital and automated accounting service.

Nothing has really happened since Luca Pacioli invented the book in 1494, even though the bookkeeping has been successful in the computers. It may be worth remembering. Now it is possible to take the next step – to digital accounting.

Real-time accounting constantly provides the right basis for decision-making. By digitizing and automating the financial processes, you can get real-time answers to, among other things: 

  • The result – how is the company doing right now?
  • The key figures – how do we achieve our goals?

Traceability – can we monitor business events and decisions and why do the numbers look like they do?

Better control of the business. In a digital accounting tool, every transaction is traceable. The so-called drill down feature allows every single event to be tracked down to the smallest detail.

Accounting becomes more accurate – fewer human errors. A computer with artificial intelligence replaces assistant work and economists can focus on business development services instead.

Automated processes reduce costs. Unpleasant surprises are eliminated when the bill arrives because it took longer than planned to, for example, handle company cards or find missing documents.

Automated flows improve the core business. With the right process control, much can be automated and it is only possible when everything is connected. Digitization at all levels enables automation in real time. Through a complete service for everything from customer and supplier invoices, to expenses, time reporting, salary, reports and accounting consultations, time is freed up and the organization can focus on its core business.

Accounting on-demand – gives you maximum physical freedom. You can manage your part of the accounting anywhere and anytime. You do not depend on binder in the office.

Digital storage increases security. Maximum security through secure physical storage and digital accounting in the cloud, which is handled with the highest security.

Reduce dependency on individuals. Digital accounting means better process thinking, which increases flexibility and thereby reduces the need for individuals. The CFO can actually get a more humane work situation.

Digital financial statements increase efficiency. You can quickly make the financial statements, as all documents are neatly collected in digital form.

Paper-free accounting – a reduced environmental impact, this is a big environmental benefit to be made.